Thursday, August 15, 2013

#32 Catching up!

Some of these are overdue for posting, so I apologize.  Celestial Scribe has sent another of his signature works--always a surprise inside and a glimpse of his unique humor. My thanks to all who have contributed!

From Cerulean, The Netherlands.
'Time and tide wait for no man' mixed media collage.

From Borderline Graphics, Austin, Texas. 

From Celestial Scribe, Brazil: envelope
Celestial Scribe: enclosures, side 1
Celestial Scribe: enclosures, side 2

From Cerulean, The Netherlands (decorated envelope-note the sgraffito technique)

From Josh Ronsen, Austin, Texas: Tiny Art Project--actual work is about an inch

To Cerulean: Collage and drawing

To Borderline Graphics: Monotype fragment and gel pen
From Russell Manning, Dallas TX: Pen and ink and collage
To Russell Manning: monotype fragment, stamping, Celtic runes

To Celestial Scribe: collage and pen

From Borderline Graphics, Austin, Texas

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