Friday, December 27, 2013

# 49 Mail Art December 2013

As the year draws to a close, a few more pieces of mail art have been arriving. Unusual serendipitous use of the female figure in Laura Bucci's postcard photomontage and Moan Lisa's photos.

From Laura Bucci
 Postcard documenting an event 
in which I  participated.

From Moan Lisa/IUOMA: a very inventive photocollage 
From Moan Lisa/IUOMA: digitally altered photograph 
From Moan Lisa/IUOMA: another very inventive photocollage

Saturday, December 14, 2013

# 48 Mail art travels the world map

Where is it coming from and going to? (more added!)

From Mimi Torchia Boothby, Seattle WA, USA

From TOFU, San Francisco, CA, USA
Digital print of 'collagescape'

By CR for Carl Baker, Peterborough,' Canadada'
Map series: Collage, drawing, stamping
By CR for Mimi T. Boothby
Map series: Collage, drawing, stamping

From Gabriele, Uberaba, Brasil. Ink pen + collage
She tells a big story on a small postcard
From Melissa, Jackson, TN
Monsters take on the holiday traditions!

By CR for Gabriele, Uberaba, Brasil.
Map series # 13 

By CR for Max Felipe, Uberaba, Brasil
Map series # 15

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

#47 Catching up

I am catching up with my responses to mail art that I have received during the past month. I decided to develop a series of postcards based on maps, both ancient and modern. A map denotes searching, connecting, finding, exploring, and thus is an apt concept for mail that travels the world. Each postcard includes portions of a map, plus collaged, stamped and drawn elements. Consequently, they are similar but unique. In some cases the map fragment includes the country of the recipient. Only a few examples of the 15 that have been created so far are included here. 

Twelve of the postcards have been sent to the following:  Cristina Blank of Germany; Raphael'L of San Jose, California; Mail Art Martha, United Kingdom; Keith Chambers, Anaheim, California; Patricio the Celestial Scribe, Brazil; Marina Miletic and Patrick McQuaid of Ireland; Esther Kamkar, Palo Alto, California; Mimi Torchia Boothby, Seattle, Washington; Amy Irwen, Rosemount, Minnesota. The card to Moan Lisa, Des Moines, Iowa, accompanied my contribution to Fragmented, the Call for Mail Art. Thank you all who sent me mail art--they have been posted in previous entries.

To Moan Lisa, Des Moines, Iowa, USA
Collage and drawn elements on painted paper.

To Mail Art Martha, UK
Collage, stamped and drawn elements on painted paper.
This received favorable comments on the IUOMA network.
To Raphael'L, San Jose California
Collage and drawn elements on painted paper.

#46 More Mail Art received

The mail system is busy delivering more mail art to me. Thank you Max Felipe, Esther Kamkar and Emily Coles.

From E Kamkar 4, Palo Alto, California, USA
Birdwoman drawing, plus text

From Max Felipe, Brazil
Ink drawing
From Esther Kamkar, Palo Alto CA, USA
Monotype on recycled card--Slow fish (quick dinner)
From Emily Coles, Bath, UK
Cover of mini-book: woven recycled paper

From Emily Coles, Bath, UK
Interior of booklet: One of six pages with painted landscapes in blues on  envelope security-linings, with accompanying poem. The variation in background design of the papers makes these images subtly intriguing. A very thoughtful and creatively crafted booklet.