Sunday, February 2, 2014

# 51 Mail Art February 2014

To celebrate the Chinese 'Year of the Horse' Raphael'L sent this stunning card. 

From Raphael'L , San Jose, CA, USA.
'Year of the Horse': Cut out of photo in shape of horses glued onto painted paper.

From Amy Irwen, Rosemount, MN, USA.
 'Good Luck and Bad': Collage on cardboard.

From Diane Keys, Elgin, IL, USA.
Machine stitched collage postcard.

By CR for Dan Mouer's Call for Entries,
'Just Mail Art', Richmond, Virginia .
Monotype  altered using collage and acrylic paint.

Collaboration with E. Kamkar for Rebeca Guyver Stowmarket, UK.
Entry for 'Monotone Semitone Kodachrome'.
Monotype by E. Kamkar with embellishment using collage and inks by CR. 

By CR for Richard Baudet, Marseille, France.
Dream Series 2014: Monotype altered with collage and inks.

Add & Return from Moan Lisa, Des Moines. IA, USA.
Digital photo by Moan Lisa with alteration by CR
using collage & inks, and vintage stamps.

By CR for Gina Visone, San Francisco, CA, USA.
Dream Series 2014: Monotype and stamping.

By CR for Yen Lew, Padang, Malasia
Map Series, #19
Collage, drawing and stamping on painted paper.

From Richard Baudet, Marseille, France.
Calligraphy and collage--a very elegant design

By CR for Diane Keys, Elgin, IL, USA.
Mixed media collage

By CR for Petrolpetal, Kwa Zulu, South Africa.
Map series #19
Gelatin plate monotype by E. Kamkar,

 altered by CR with ink, and collage of ephemera.

From Diane Keys, Elgin, IL, USA. Trashpo-ephemera

By CR to Dimitra Papatheodorou, Patra, Greece.
 For 'Color My World' Call for Entries.
Mixed media montype: Createx inks, stamping

From Cristina 5Blanks, Worthsee, Germany
Digital print of drawing.

From Connie Jean, Cocoa Beach FL, USA.
Medium: Digital Collage

By CR for Martina Winkel, Essen, Germany
Map series #12. Media: Collage, drawing, stamping.