Monday, January 11, 2016

# 74 January - June 2016 Mail Art

Future postings on this blog will be limited to the mail art that I send out. Mail art that I receive will continue to be posted in my International Union of Mail Artists' photo archive. View this archive at

By C Rizzuto for David Aponte, Philadelphia, PA
Fragment of etching with collaged element.

By C. Rizzuto for  Mychal: Watercolor fragment

By C. Rizzuto for  K Chambers, Anaheim, CA
'Luddites Unite': Collage of vintage library catalog cards, washi tape and hand-painting

By C Rizzuto for Call for Entries: Karuizawa New Art Museum, Nagano, Japan.
Medium: Collage of Monotype fragments

By C Rizzuto, Entry for Agitar РUniversidade S̩nior do Porto's call for entries,
NATURE, Porto, Portugal.
An Eco-print mounted on artist-made paper with natural inclusions.

By C Rizzuto for School of Many Colors' Mail Art call
Heinz-Nixdorf-Gemantschule, Paderborn, Germany.
 Media: Monotype collage, stamping