Saturday, April 26, 2014

# 55 Really Tiny Art

Really Tiny Art by Carmela Rizzuto, 2014

About 3 years ago Josh Ronsen of Austin, TX invited me to send him mail art that measured one inch or less.  Over the past few years I’ve sent him multiple mini-artworks. In January this year Josh displayed his collection of tiny art at Malvern Books in Austin. My movie reel titled, Really Tiny Art, is featured at the beginning of a Youtube video documenting the event. The reel is 1.5 inches in diameter with pictures of less than half an inch. The 36 pictures are painted and drawn on paper/washi tape. 

There was also an article about the event featured in the local newspaper, The Daily Texan.

I'm grateful to Josh for inviting me to be part of his 'tiny art' project. View more of his mail art collection.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

# 54 Mail Art April 2014

From Petrolpetal, Hilton, South Africa.
Collage of papers and fabric which has been lifted to show the images underneath

By CR for Keith Chambers, Anaheim, CA, USA.
Fragments Series-Yellow: pastel on paper & ephemera.

From KS Chambers, Anaheim, CA.
Collage: Ephemera on cardboard featuring a beautiful Magyar stamp.

By CR for Goop Gallery
View their unique documentation of mail art at
Monotype with stamping & stenciling.  
Triskelion: the triple spiral appears in various forms in pre-Celtic and Celtic art.

By CR for Mebdh Gillard, Sligo, Ireland for Yeats' Day Celebration.
Collage on painted paper, Celtic knot stamping, vintage Irish stamp .

By CR for JC Sarpi, Marseille, France.
"Entry for Mermaids in the Port, Queens of the Sea"
Monotype by E. Kamkar with embellishment by C. Rizzuto using inks and altered images.

By CR for La Marquesa, Albuquerque, NM, USA.
 Monotype by E. Kamkar with embellishment by CR using collage and inks .

From James, Richmond, BC, Canada
Detail of altered vintage photo (circa 1918)

By CR for 'That Hairy Canadian', James, of Richmond, BC, Canada.
 Collage of gelatin-plate monotypes & stamping.
Inspired by a trip to Mesa Verde, Colorado with my husband.

By CR for Petrolpetal, Hilton, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.
Collage of gelatin-plate monotypes & stamping.
Inspired by a trip to Mesa Verde, Colorado with my husband.

By CR for Richard Baudet, Marseille, France.

Fragment Series-Purple: Paste papers, ephemera, vintage stamp