Friday, April 26, 2013

#20 Mail Art sent and received

After a few weeks hiatus, I have been making and sending mail art again. It has been fun to receive art from and to send it to distant places. Yulia Fruit Ananas's booklet came from Irkutsk, Russia (Siberia). I'll be posting my reply after it is received, so she has a surprise. Three of the pieces sent out are gelatin plate monotypes based on plants and petroglyph figures from the southwest USA.  Petroglyphs have been a recurrent theme for my mail art this year. For info on the gelatin plate printing process watch

to_La Koki, Trinidad & Tabago
Entry for 'Dreams' Mail Art Call 

to_ Carlo Maria Guidici, Italy

fr_Yulia-Fruit-Ananas, Irkutsk, Russia

to_Jul Neilson, Denmark

to_ Rebecca Guyver, UK
Entry for 'Memories are made of this' Mail Art Call

Thursday, April 11, 2013

#19 Mail Art sent and received

Rebecca Guyver sent two wonderfully executed collages. I was delighted to learn that my entry for the 'Newspaper' Exhibition in Changsha, China was received by Horst Baur. 

Fr_ Rebecca Guyver, England

Fr_ Rebecca Guyver, England, side 2

My Mail Art entry sent to Horst Baur, Changsha, China for exhibition, 'Newspaper'.
Media: Collage of shredded newspaper

Received from Horst Baur, China