Tuesday, December 12, 2017

#79 October - December 2017 Mail Art

I've slowed down my participation in mail art and hope to restart again by August 2018.

By CR for Yayoi, SW, Kirkland, WA.
Monotype collage with calligraphy

By CR for Ti Ar Raden, Aulnay Sous Bois, France.
"Remembering Matisse", collage on card stock.

By CR for Mercedes M, Albuquerque, NM.
Stitchery and ephemera enhanced clay print.

By CR for "Places en Relation", a Call for Entries, Halle/Saale, Germany.
Watercolor and white gel ink pen.

By CR: One of 3 entries for "Hotels", a Call for Entries, Visual Arts Centre Scunthorpe, UK.
Ballpoint pen on ephemera .
Drawn on a plane while flying across USA.

From Mail Art Martha, Beckenham, UK.
Etegami card in watercolor and ink.

Friday, August 18, 2017

#78. July-September 2017 Mail Art

By CR for Li Araki, NY, NY.
Collage in the spirit of mail artist, Lenore Tawney, whom we both admire.
Hand-drawn elements by CR + ephemera---arranged on reverse of eco-print card.

By CR for Dimitra Papatheodorou, Patra, Greece. 
Altered Book Project, pp.1 & 16.  Two of 16 altered pages. 
P. 16 Copy of ancient Greek manuscript text attributed to Antiphon (Sophist Greek philosopher).
Mixed Media: Collage using Gelli-print monotypes, ephemera, 

stenciling, cut-outs, Inktense watercolor pencil, etc.

To James B Chester, Vallejo CA.
"Summer of Love": Re-purposed digital print with collage on reverse .

By CR for Mary Wheeler, Abington, PA.
 Card using 'etegami' technique. Watercolor and ink with original haiku.

By CR: for Ann M.
Etegami drawing: ink and watercolor on Cartiera Magnani watercolor paper.
Zuihitsu-inspired text. 

By CR for Tiziana Baracchi, Venice Maestre, Italy.
Collage on hand-marbled paper. Entry for 'Leone Rosso'.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

#77 April-June 2017 Mail Art

By CR: One of 4  Smartphone photos documenting street art.
For Sharon Silverman, Haverhill MA, USA:  Entry for 'Street Art' Call for Mail Art.
Photo was taken with the permission of the artist. I was fortunate
to capture the artist in the act of painting on wall of a public garage in Redwood City, CA.

By CR: 3 of 12 unique collages  used to decorate  envelopes
for the Snowgeese cards. Mixed Media.

By CR for Norma Soulet, Port Saint Lucie, FL.
Stitchery on collage. Techniques:
Watercolor crayon on tissue paper collage.
French knots, running stitch, dangling threads.

By CR for Mercedes L Marquesa, Albuquerque, NM.
 One of a set of 15 Snowgeese-based postcards.
Mixed media on artist-made paper with poetry segment on reverse.

To Pam VanderWeil, Rosemount, MN.
Vintage French altered-postcard, circa 1909.
The green stamp is most probably circa 1900-1940.
The placement of the stamp means 'I love you'.
Read about the 'language of stamps'

By CR for Alex Witter, Den Haag, The Nethelands.
Entry for Black/white.  https://witter-mailart.blogspot.com
Medium: sumi-e ink. 

By CR for Richard Baudet, Marseille, France.
Snowgeese:  One of a series of 12 cards. Each card is unique, but with similar elements.
Watercolor crayon & white Prismacolor  pencil on Canson-mi-tientes paper; acrylic paint.
PS: The signature was placed incorrectly by mistake.

By CR for Jon Foster, Winston-Salem, NC , USA
For 9x9 Tile Project.
Gelli-print, markers, acrylic paint on 4" square, wood tile.
It will be arranged with eight other tiles in a frame

Monday, May 8, 2017

#76 January-March 2017 Mail Art

By CR an entry for the Fe-Mail XX, Women Art-Scientist
Testament Exploration Project, Ludlow VT. 
Conceived in memory of Marija Gimbutas, 
Lithuania-born archaeologist known for her research 
into the Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures of "Old Europe".
Monoprint with lithography, 2017

By CR for Znedek, Czech Republic, Entry for "Break Out" .
Scribble Drawing Series- Collage of watercolor crayon & ink on tissue paper  .

By CR for Connie Jean, FL.
 Scribble Drawing Series-watercolor crayon & ink.

By CR for Soleil Corvo, Orchard Park, NY.
Scribble Drawing series: Watercolor crayon, ink and woven paper.

 By CR for Dimitra Papatheodorou, Patra, Geece.
Altered, accordian-fold, mini-book.
Size about 1.25 inches square, & 0.25 inches thick.