Sunday, October 12, 2014

#61 Mail Art October 2014

By CR for Richard Baudet, Marseille France.
Sumi-e ink bamboo leaves on newspaper circa 1995.

By CR for Mail Art Martha, Beckenham, England.
Eco-print with stamping and mixed media.

By CR for KS Chambers, Anaheim, CA.
Eco-print with mixed media.

From Richard Baudet, Marseille, France.
Decorated envelope: calligraphy, vintage papers--the epitaphs are quite old as a f is used instead of s.
The lovely 'annee du cheval' stamp continues the theme of Richard's calligraphy.
The horse is painted in ink-brush style by the  Chinese artist, Li Zhongyao, who lives in France.

By CR for Carl Baker, Peterborough, ONT. Canada
"Fragments": Koh-i-noor Tri-tone colored pencils/stencil.
(My first trial of this medium.)

By CR for Gina Ulgen, Norwich, UK.
Fragments: Koh-i-noor Tri-tone colored pencils.

By CR to Rebecca Guyver, Suffolk, England.
 For " Ritual", a mail art exhibition in Edinburgh, Scotland,
in collaboration with "The Inkwell",
Edinburgh University's Creative Writing Magazine. .
Mixed media: Japanese papers, origami net paper, stamping.

From Keith Chambers, Anaheim, CA.
A nod to Magritte in orange and black (# 1/20)--the reverse has a print of an orange slice in white
 on orange background. CR added 'un bord bleu' to enhance contrast on this blog.
Text on Reverse includes--Orange county,
orange trees (Los Angeles was once covered in orange groves),
 and California poppy.
From Job & Cristina (5Blanks) Worthsee, Germany.
I sent an entry to this Call for mail art.