Monday, June 1, 2015

#66 June 2015 Mail Art

From Nancy Bell Scott comes a collage in her inimitable style.

From Nancy Bell Scott, Portland ME, USA
Above the fray: Collage, paint, asemic writing/markmaking

This is the third piece that I am sending to the 'Meta' Call for Entries. Originally developed as part of  a collage project, it is now making its way to Chicago. How many different fabrics compose the image?

By CR for Olivia Arrow's mail art call, 'META'.
To be exhibited at Uncle Art Gallery, Chicago, IL.
Medium: Collage from clothing catalog

Moan Lisa is a prolific mail artist from Iowa. I recently completed 2 Add & Pass projects that she originated.

By Moan Lisa and CR
'This is art': mixed media collage

By Moan Lisa, Esther Kamkar and CR
'5089': mixed media collage

The Philpott Lake Project asks participants to alter one of 50 postcards. Here's my rendition scanned against a grey background--the figure extends beyond the edge of the card.

BY CR for Diana Hale of Crozet, VA, USA
Entry for the Philpott Lake Project: Collage, acrylic inks, photo pens

The original postcard for the project features a wonderful fish print--how appropriate! 
Note the special stamp.

From Diana Hale
Decorated envelope for Philpott Lake Project: Original print

Tammy Riggins sent this card in lovely pastel colors.

From Tammy Riggins, Clarksville, TN, USA
Gelli-plate print in luscious pastels

From Katerina Nikoltsou a 'thank you' postcard with a delightful Hellas stamp on the envelope.

From Katerina Nikoltsou, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Thank you card in her signature blue with stickers

Arrived recently from Erin Young, a poppy themed card.

Erin Young, Innisfil, Ontario, Canada
Mixed media

Thomas Brown (aka Bhomas Trown) uses stamps to create minimalist designs.

From Thomas Brown, Baltimore, MD, USA
Dig Love:  Stamping and hand lettering