Wednesday, December 17, 2014

#63 Mail Art December 2014

December will be a slow month for exchanging mail art, but there is still action to be found. Most exciting is the fact that five of my entries to Calls for Mail Art are being exhibited this month. The first exhibition is Ritual at the 4x8 Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland in collaboration with Inkwell, Edinburgh University’s creative writing magazine. The second is I dream…at the Incline Gallery in San Francisco, California, USA.  The third is an exhibition in Patras, Greece, Color My World.

As I’ve said before, I wish I could travel to all the places that my small artworks have traveled. I’m including some links below, so my viewers can share in the fun. Images for my entries can be found in earlier posts.

See the unusual and intriguing entries at
See past issues of  The Inkwell, Edinburgh University's Creative Writing Magazine at 

The 4x8 Gallery is part of the The Forest,  a cultural gathering place for the arts.

The Call for entries  was initiated by Artik in Freiberg, Germany
Their exhibition was documented at 

The entries for I Dream.. then traveled to San Francisco, CA, USA where an exhibition was hosted by and Incline Gallery. At the conclusion of this exhibition the mail art will be distributed to those in need of a smile and a gift.

Youtube  There is a video of the opening at Incline Gallery that shows the excitement of interaction with mail art at

At Epikentro+  Art Gallery, located in Patra, Greece. Documented on IOUMA

Patricio, Celestial Scribe, Curitiba, Brasil sent one of his hand-crafted envelopes with multiple enclosures. The envelope features a list of Celestial Wishes for 2015. His signature envelopes are always a cover for multiple treasures.

Katerina Nikoltsou, Thessaloniki, Greece sent seasonal wishes made from ephemera and paper tape.

Mail Art Martha (IOUMA) and I discovered a shared love of the poetry of Antonio Machado. Martha visited his grave at Collioure, France and sent me a memorial booklet that she made, pine needles from the tree at his grave site, and her translation of one of his poems. It is such a thoughtful and meaningful gift. 

"...deep in my heart
love had stuck a thorn
I plucked it one day;
I don't feel my heart anymore."

Martha's handmade booklet and her translation of poem.
More of his poems here

Saturday, November 22, 2014

#62 Mail Art November 2014

This month I am catching up on overdue correspondence, and giving attention to other art projects.  Although I have decreased my mail art activities, I still receive contributions from faithful correspondents. Thank you to all!

From Jude Worters, Melbourne, Australia.
Documentation of mail art: The Rocket Project to which I submitted an eco-print card.
This beautifully designed and produced catalog
 documents the collaboration of artists and engineers.
More information and images at

From Georgia Grigoriadou, Thessaloniki, Greece.
 Mixed media on recycled postcard.
Georgia uses discarded postcards as a base for creating her "Faces" series.

From Mail Art Martha, Beckenham, UK.
A 'zine and a one page booklet, "These were not all red hats".

From Petrolpetal, Hilton, South Africa.
Mixed media--lovely use of circles in the black and white image.
The left image is not well seen, but consists of paint on an embossed image of gears (ephemera).

From Mail Art Martha, Beckenham, UK.
Drawing in pen and crayon capturing the Mediterranean seaside.

From Katerina Nikoltsou, Thessaloniki, Greece.
 'Circles': Collage on painted paper. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

#61 Mail Art October 2014

By CR for Richard Baudet, Marseille France.
Sumi-e ink bamboo leaves on newspaper circa 1995.

By CR for Mail Art Martha, Beckenham, England.
Eco-print with stamping and mixed media.

By CR for KS Chambers, Anaheim, CA.
Eco-print with mixed media.

From Richard Baudet, Marseille, France.
Decorated envelope: calligraphy, vintage papers--the epitaphs are quite old as a f is used instead of s.
The lovely 'annee du cheval' stamp continues the theme of Richard's calligraphy.
The horse is painted in ink-brush style by the  Chinese artist, Li Zhongyao, who lives in France.

By CR for Carl Baker, Peterborough, ONT. Canada
"Fragments": Koh-i-noor Tri-tone colored pencils/stencil.
(My first trial of this medium.)

By CR for Gina Ulgen, Norwich, UK.
Fragments: Koh-i-noor Tri-tone colored pencils.

By CR to Rebecca Guyver, Suffolk, England.
 For " Ritual", a mail art exhibition in Edinburgh, Scotland,
in collaboration with "The Inkwell",
Edinburgh University's Creative Writing Magazine. .
Mixed media: Japanese papers, origami net paper, stamping.

From Keith Chambers, Anaheim, CA.
A nod to Magritte in orange and black (# 1/20)--the reverse has a print of an orange slice in white
 on orange background. CR added 'un bord bleu' to enhance contrast on this blog.
Text on Reverse includes--Orange county,
orange trees (Los Angeles was once covered in orange groves),
 and California poppy.
From Job & Cristina (5Blanks) Worthsee, Germany.
I sent an entry to this Call for mail art.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#60 TALISMANS- September 2014

These 27 talismans arrived  in time for the opening of the exhibition, 
It Narratives: The Movement of Objects as Information 
at Franklin Street Works, Stamford CT

Mail Art Talismans seen below (3 of 27) are objects that are imbued 
with the magical power of mail art. These are strung on a metallic chain 
that can be hung vertically or horizontally. 

By Carmela Rizzuto for Franklin Street Works, Stamford, CT. 
Mixed media: constructed from remnants in my studio 
and ephemera donated by numerous mail artists.

Friday, August 1, 2014

#59 Mail Art August 2014

"Calla Lilies for Frida": hand-drawn using colored inks.
By CR for Progetto Mail-art, “Frida Kahlo, una donna nel futuro”.
Exhibition at Comune di Roncello, Roncello, MB, Lombardia, Italia.

From Rebecca Guyver, Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK.
Progression #1 (reverse)
Medium: fused plastic which has been embelllished and sewn.
From Rebecca Guyver, Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK.
Progression #1 (front)
 Medium: fused plastic which has been embelllished and sewn.

From Jon Foster, Winston-Salem, NC, USA.
Latest 'Nostrils' band recording on CD, plus enclosures.

From Mim Golub Scalin, Richmond, VA, USA.
Inktense pencil drawing/painting.

By CR for Mim Golub Scalin, Richmond, VA, USA.
Botanical Eco-print, stamping.

From Kit Gonzales Moore,  Edgewood, NM, USA
Gelli-plate print on figured paper, plus drawing.

From 'La Marquesa' Albuquerque, NM, USA
Collage on painted paper.

By CR for 'La Marquesa, Albuquerque, NM, USA
Eco-print of leaf, stamping

From Carl Baker, Peterborough, Canada. 
Pictured: A sampling of  numerous asemic and
 expressive works-on-paper by Carl Baker. 
From Raphael'L, Tullins, France.
Playful collage!

Friday, July 4, 2014

#58 Mail Art July 2014

By CR for De Villo Sloan, Auburn, NY
Gelli-print monotype with fragments of print by Carl Baker, Canada. 

To view De Villo's response to this postcard, go to

From David Stanley Aponte, Bethlehem, PA, USA.
Digital print 

From Jan Hodgman, Anacortes, WA, USA.
Gelli-plate monotype.

From-Katerina Nikoltsou, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Handcrafted stamps, & collage on blue paper.

From Moan Lisa, Iowa, USA.
First of 3 digital prints featuring asemic elements.
Also included in the envelope was a poem by Maria Morisot.

From Moan Lisa, Iowa, USA.
Second of 3 digital prints featuring asemic elements.

From Moan Lisa, Iowa, USA.
Third of 3 digital prints featuring asemic elements.

By CR for Kit Gonzales Moore, Edgewood, NM, USA.
Audacity: Gelli-print with stencil, rubber stamps.

From J Block, Bridgewater MA, USA
Collage, plus a second collage on reverse with wonderful circus stamp.

From TOFU, San Francisco, CA, USA.
Digital print of collagescape in his signature style.
Info at

By CR for Karen Chew, Redwood City, CA, USA.
Wander: Gelli-print with stencils, mixed media.

By CR for Jan Hodgman, Anacortes, WA, USA. 
Mixed media Gelli-print.
Quote from Tolkien: "...all who wander are not lost..."

By CR for David S Aponte, Bethlehem, PA, USA.
'Misty Sunrise'. Gelli-plate* monoprint, acrylic paint.

From KS Chambers, Anaheim, CA, USA
Collage on painted paper.

By CR for Rebecca Guyver, Stowmarket, UK.
'Cranberry Sunrise #2'
Call for Entries, Maritime Mail Art  & Cranberry Island Mail Art.
Gelli-plate monotype, acrylic paint.

By CR for Rebecca Guyver, Stowmarket, UK.
Cranberry Sunrise #1.
For Call for Entries, Maritime Mail Art & Cranberry Island Mail Art.
Gelli-plate monotype, acrylic paint.

By CR for, Gundelfingen, Germany.
Mail Art entry: "I dream of color."
Gelli-plate monoprint, rubber stamp.

By CR for Jude Worters, Melbourne, Australia.
Sent for Rocket Project.
Eco-print (mirror image) of eucalyptus leaf and forest detritus,
with added feather, and rubber stamps.
By CR for Karen Koshgarian, Portland OR, USA
Eco-print, stamping

From Connie Jean, Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA
Digital Print postcard.

By CR for Connie Jean, Cocoa Beach Florida, USA.
Eco-print, stencil, rubber stamp.

By CR for, Gundelfingen, Germany.
Mail Art entry: "I dream of flowers on sunny days."
Gelli-plate monoprint, stencils.

By CR for Patricio, Celestial Scribe, Curitiba Brasil.
'Out of the mists', Gelli-plate mono print.