Saturday, August 31, 2013

#34 Latest Arrivals

It is drawing near to the deadline for 2013's Call for Entries. Mail Art Martha (IUOMA) of Shopping Trolley Gallery fame sent an entry. I have participated in several of Martha's mail art projects. Also in today's mail was the latest edition of the Banana Rag newsletter. Anna Banana has been a leader in the Artists Stamp movement and first started the Banana Rag in 1971. She produces gummed sheets of artists' stamps on her 1915 vintage Rosback perforator. Find her at

From Mail Art Martha_1, Beckenham, UK
Mail Art Martha_envelope, Beckenham, UK
From Anna Banana, Roberts Creek, BC, Canada
Newsletter, commemorative stamps and decorated envelope

Friday, August 23, 2013

#33 New Arrivals and Announcement

A wonderful surprise from South Australia arrived this week  and brings the number of continents represented to five,  the number of countries to 16, and the number of participants to 63.  Mail art sent between Emily Coles and myself took only 3 days to cross the pond and find their recipients. Keep snail mail alive--send more mail art.

Mail Art received this year will be displayed at the Book Arts Jam event on October, 19, 2013. The postcard announcement for the Book Arts Jam is posted here. FYI: I am a member of the Bay Area Book Artists which sponsors this event.

To Parys St. Martin from CR
Mixed media monotype fragment

From Parys St. Martin, South Australia

From E. Coles, Plymouth, Devon, UK
Monoprint, asemic writing, ink & collage of poem

To E. Coles, UK-front
Gold ink ad stamping on E. Kamkar's paste paper
To E. Coles, UK-reverse
Collage, ink

Front and reverse of Book Arts Jam's announcement postcard.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

#32 Catching up!

Some of these are overdue for posting, so I apologize.  Celestial Scribe has sent another of his signature works--always a surprise inside and a glimpse of his unique humor. My thanks to all who have contributed!

From Cerulean, The Netherlands.
'Time and tide wait for no man' mixed media collage.

From Borderline Graphics, Austin, Texas. 

From Celestial Scribe, Brazil: envelope
Celestial Scribe: enclosures, side 1
Celestial Scribe: enclosures, side 2

From Cerulean, The Netherlands (decorated envelope-note the sgraffito technique)

From Josh Ronsen, Austin, Texas: Tiny Art Project--actual work is about an inch

To Cerulean: Collage and drawing

To Borderline Graphics: Monotype fragment and gel pen
From Russell Manning, Dallas TX: Pen and ink and collage
To Russell Manning: monotype fragment, stamping, Celtic runes

To Celestial Scribe: collage and pen

From Borderline Graphics, Austin, Texas

Monday, August 5, 2013

#31 Arrivals and departures

Mail Art art continues to trickle into my Postal Box and more postcards are sent. Jon Foster's Mail Art 'Zine will be a nice addition to the display planned for October.

By CR to An. U, Latvia
Monotype with collage and cunieform alphabet

By C Rizzuto, a 'real mail artist', to Roland Halbritter, Germany

From An. U, Latvia
Two 'zines from the imaginatively prolific Jon Foster of Winston-Salem, NC, USA

To_ Liu Miao's  Mail Art Everyday Project.
Collage and gel pen on E. Kamkar's paste paper.