Friday, March 15, 2013

#18 Mail Art Received

This week my mail box has been full of surprises. Unfortunately I had to decline Andrea's invite to contribute to a collaborative book project. Prolific artist Carlo Maria Giudici's colorful  painting was accompanied its certificate of authenticity. I was inducted into the Erni Bar Fan Club by the ubiquitous Grigori Antonin. Erni Bar surfaced at the Hollywood Walk of Fame--where else? Guido Vermeulen's photo collage also included text by Yoko Ono, whose birthday it celebrated.  Finally, I was gifted with Nicole Neilsen's creative hand-painted envelope and enclosure. Thank you all!

fr_Andrea Jay
fr_Carlo Maria Giudici, Italy

fr_Guido Vermeulen, Brussels, Belgium, painted envelope

fr_ Guido Vermeulen, photocollage: Le Miroir

fr_ Grigori Antonin/Erni Bar

fr_Nicole Nielsen, envelope

fr_Nicole Neilsen, insert

Sunday, March 3, 2013

# 17 Mail Art Sent

The mail art that I receive is extremely varied in concept and media. Once in awhile I try to incorporate a format, or other design element from the sender into the mail art that I send in return. For example, Elaine Arvati sent a bookmark using vintage elements to me and I made a bookmark for her on a vintage library catalog card. Viktoria Robinson's postcard included many dots of white paper. I included paper dots in my design. I used TOFU's name (so unique) on the card to him. I enjoy trying to connect with others' art in this way, and ultimately with the artist.

To_ Elaine Arvati, Youngstown OH, USA
To_Viktoria Robinson, Sweden
To_ TOFU, San Francisco, USA