Tuesday, November 1, 2016

# 76 October - December 2016 Mail Art

By C Rizzuto for Goop Gallery, Ottawa, Canada.
Tissue paper collage embellished with stitchery and found brass fragments.

By C Rizzuto for Zdenek, Czech Republic.
Entry for Breakthrough: altered photo collage

By C Rizzuto for Bradford, Deadwood, SD.
Deadwood Door: Altered found photo, inks and collage; plus decorated envelope.

By C Rizzuto For David Aponte, Bethlehem, PA
Xerography Collage

By C Rizzuto for Emily Coles Sheffield, UK

AMULDO, a mail artist in The Netherlands, has exhibited works from correspondents throughout the world. I recently sent two 'scribble therapy' drawings for the 2017 exhibition to be held at a de-commissioned post office. http://trassshart.blogspot.com

Two 'scribble therapy ' drawings by C Rizzuto.
Entries for Trassshart, Gouda, The Netherlands.
Medium: Lyra watercolor crayon on paper

The following series of 3 postcards were re-puposed from a drawing of the male figure on gessoed paper. The cards were then further developed to make them ambiguous land/sea/scapes. The text on the reverse is a poem fragment by Anna Akhmatova.

"A land not mine, still
forever memorable,
the waters of its ocean
chill and fresh..."

By C Rizzuto for Pascal Coupechoux, Chablis, France
Watercolor crayon and mixed media on gessoed paper

By C Rizzuto for Yayoi, Kirkland, WA
Watercolor crayon and mixed media on gessoed paper

By C Rizzuto for Oleg K, Czech Republic
Watercolor crayon and mixed media on gessoed paper

By C Rizzuto for  Yayoi, Kirkland, WA
Eco-print on mixed media paper

By C Rizzuto for Tim Waldron Johnson, MA.
Monotype fragment with stitchery and copper additions. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

#75 July-September, 2016 Mail Art

I have not been very active this year, but am looking forward to more exchanges in the future. Only mail art that I send out will be posted in this blog.

By CR for Melissa Fletcher, Jackson, TN USA.
Postcard: collage with pattern paper and artist biographies.
Series inspired by an old book of artists biographies.
There was only one female artist in the book--Vigee LeBrun.
The use of pattern paper adds the feminine element to art history. 

Postcard By CR for Mercedes LaMarquesa, Albuquerque, NM
Techniques: Collage of watercolor crayon on tissue paper, with addition 
of hand-stitching of French knots, running stitch, arrow stitch, 
chain stitch and shisha stitch over copper.

By CR for KS Chambers, Anahein, CA. Desert Dreams:
Collage with mulberry papers, pyrography, Australia map segment.

By CR for Raphael'L, Tullins, France.
Postcard: collage with pattern paper  and artist biographies-
part of a series.

By CR for Stripygoose, London, UK.
Postcard: collage with pattern paper and artist biographies-
part of a series. Text: 'There is so much silence between the lines.'

By CR: "Pink is a 4 letter word" sent to TOFU's call for entries for Pinkweek. Exhibition at
Warehouse Artist Lofts, Sacramento CA.
Media: Tissue paper collage, watercolor crayon, with stamping.

Monday, January 11, 2016

# 74 January - June 2016 Mail Art

Future postings on this blog will be limited to the mail art that I send out. Mail art that I receive will continue to be posted in my International Union of Mail Artists' photo archive. View this archive at

By C Rizzuto for David Aponte, Philadelphia, PA
Fragment of etching with collaged element.

By C. Rizzuto for  Mychal: Watercolor fragment

By C. Rizzuto for  K Chambers, Anaheim, CA
'Luddites Unite': Collage of vintage library catalog cards, washi tape and hand-painting

By C Rizzuto for Call for Entries: Karuizawa New Art Museum, Nagano, Japan.
Medium: Collage of Monotype fragments

By C Rizzuto, Entry for Agitar РUniversidade S̩nior do Porto's call for entries,
NATURE, Porto, Portugal.
An Eco-print mounted on artist-made paper with natural inclusions.

By C Rizzuto for School of Many Colors' Mail Art call
Heinz-Nixdorf-Gemantschule, Paderborn, Germany.
 Media: Monotype collage, stamping