Saturday, July 18, 2020

#84 July 2020 to December 2020


By C Rizzuto for Meerkulture e V., Stove, Germany. 
Entry for Mail Art Call, Cultivate Your Garden
Automatic drawing technique using Albrecht Durer Watercolor pencil
 on Canson Mixed media paper. 
To be exhibited Kunsthaus, Stove, Germany and online at

By C Rizzuto for Flood Gallery Fine Art Center, Asheville, NC, USA. 
Entry for Mail Art Call, Anything Goes...Everything Shows. 
Automatic Drawing technique using Inktense watercolor pencils
 on Arches waterleaf printmaking paper.
Exhibition ongoing until Nov. 3, 2020.

By C Rizzuto for Yayoi, SW. Number 9 in the 'Philosophy of Tea'  Series:  
Artist painted and altered papers, ephemera, stamping. 
Papers lift up to reveal hidden text:  
"I knew if I stepped out of myself, I would break into blossom" (Robert Bly)

By C Rizzuto for Thierry Tillier, Vis, Croatia. 
Entry for Mail Art 2020
Abstraction in Printmaking ink and Sumi-e on paper. 
Online exhibition only.

By C Rizzuto for Frances E, Gilroy, CA, USA. 
Fragment of found monoprint decorated with Papermate Ink Joy pens. 

By CR for Laura Robertson, York, UK. 
Textured postcard: Digital print of monotype fragment 
on handmade paper.

By CR for Mail Art Martha, Beckenham, UK. 
Number 10 in the 'Philosophy of Tea'  Series.  
Interactive collage: Artist painted and altered papers, tea bag paper, ephemera, stamping.  
Papers lift up to reveal hidden text:
'Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it'...Goethe

By CR for Nancy S., Menlo Park, CA.
Calli-dance 1: Sumie and inktense watercolor pencil drawing 
on Canson watercolor paper. 
First in an 'automatic drawing' series. 
This is a good example of my calligraphic drawing style.

By CR for Frances E, Gilroy CA, USA. 
                    Water-soluble graphite and Inktense w.c. pencils on Canson watercolor paper.

By CR for Yvonne Kettner, Duisburg, Germany.  
Mixed media collage on painted paper:
 markmaking with india ink marker, gell pen, colored pencil;