Friday, August 23, 2013

#33 New Arrivals and Announcement

A wonderful surprise from South Australia arrived this week  and brings the number of continents represented to five,  the number of countries to 16, and the number of participants to 63.  Mail art sent between Emily Coles and myself took only 3 days to cross the pond and find their recipients. Keep snail mail alive--send more mail art.

Mail Art received this year will be displayed at the Book Arts Jam event on October, 19, 2013. The postcard announcement for the Book Arts Jam is posted here. FYI: I am a member of the Bay Area Book Artists which sponsors this event.

To Parys St. Martin from CR
Mixed media monotype fragment

From Parys St. Martin, South Australia

From E. Coles, Plymouth, Devon, UK
Monoprint, asemic writing, ink & collage of poem

To E. Coles, UK-front
Gold ink ad stamping on E. Kamkar's paste paper
To E. Coles, UK-reverse
Collage, ink

Front and reverse of Book Arts Jam's announcement postcard.

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