Thursday, July 9, 2015

#67 July 2015 Mail Art

Sometimes I try to respond to the ideas I discover in a sender's art work. I saw concepts of beauty, strength and survival in the card from Chambers. So I am adding to the dialog that he started (see posting #65) . Unfortunately this was lost in the mail.

By C Rizzuto for KS Chambers, Anaheim, CA USA
Triskelion: Response to 'Daisy, Hook, Tiger'
Watercolor digital print, collage, stamping

I had not received anything from Connie Jean, a veteran mail artist, for about 2 years and  this arrived in my mail box unexpectedly. It deserved a special response--and was responded to in return.

#1 From Connie Jean, Florida
Stamping on postcard
#2 From Connie Jean, Florida
Death of the Roadside Attraction
Love the sarcophagus and the reference to nearby Disneyland!
This is a response to my postcard below.

By C Rizzuto for Connie Jean, Florida.
Not Dead??? Watercolor and mixed media.
My response to postcard #1:  Glad to hear that rumors of your death were greatly exaggerated!

From Gina Ulgen, UK
"Let them eat cake": Altered card with Collage

From Mercedes La Marquesa, New Mexico
Media: Sponge painting, stamping

From Moan Lisa, Iowa-diva of digital prints
Media: Digital print #1

From Moan Lisa, Iowa-diva of digital prints
Media: Digital print #2

By C Rizzuto for Patricio, Celestial Scribe, Curitiba, Brasil
Earth Mandela: Entry for Transpersonal, a Mail Art Call
White gel pen on Canson-mi-tiente paper

By C Rizzuto for Erin Young, Canada
Numbers 1/5:  Gelli-plate print and acrylic inks
 First of a series on the theme NUMBERS:
'numbers are the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe'

By C Rizzuto for Nancy Bell Scott
Monotype fragment:  Createx inks, chine colle

By C Rizzuto for Ann
Monotype fragment: Createx inks

To Pete
Abstraction: Ink wash and Inktense watercolor pencil

By C Rizzuto for Perry Hoffman, Wonder Valley, CA, USA
Entry for the Glass Outhouse Gallery's Call for Entries.
 Desert Inspiration: Monotype and gel-pen

By C Rizzuto for Rebecca Guyver, Stowmarket, UK
'Thank you' note: Eco-print, collage and stamping

By C Rizzuto for Mercedes La Marquesa, New Mexico
Numbers 3/5: Gelli-plate print

By C Rizzuto for Tammy Riggins, TN, USA
Numbers 2/5: Gelli-plate and mixed media

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